Dismissal & Grievance 

Employment Law Support 

Dealing with dismissals and grievances in the workplace can be disruptive and time consuming.  
We offer employment law support and advice for dismissals or grievances in Manchester. We will work with you to manage the process and minimise disruption to your people and business.  
We can help you conduct disciplinary investigations thoroughly and fairly. The law on dismissal is complex and the consequences of an unfair dismissal claim can be very costly. The current maximum compensatory award for an unfair dismissal at an Employment Tribunal from 06 April 2022 is £93,878.00. 
We will guide you through what constitutes a fair dismissal, length of service issues and the statutory criteria required under employment law. We will guide you through the process of managing a dismissal so that you make compliant decisions and eliminate risk. 

Let us help you 

Grievances at work can be very time consuming and lead to poor working relationships. We have worked with many businesses and guided them through the grievance procedure to achieve successful outcomes. 
We can help you with complex grievances, investigations and report writing. Our experts are in your corner every step of the way. We will handle all grievance correspondence and attend grievance meetings and hearings with you ensuring you are fully compliant. 
We give you expert HR and employment law advice to empower you to make the right decisions for your business and people. 

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